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The U.S. is our adopted home. The best way to show our love for this beautiful place is to support the public.

The public servant’s heart is so humble, that every night when he or she rests peacefully and happily knowing they made a difference for the community and the near future is going to be more brighter.

Volunteer With Various Organizations

There is always a need for volunteers, so whenever possible, we collaborate with different organizations to help fulfill their needs.

We Salute Chinese Decendents Supporting Our Arm Forces & Protect Our Country

There are numerous U.S. soldiers and veterans from all military branches as well as their spouses are Chinese descendants. Many of them endured multiple deployments and strenuous trainings for the mission to help keep the US and our allied counties peaceful places to live

We Are Grateful For Chinese Decendents To Help Keep Our Streets Safe

There are numerous Chinese descendants dedicating themselves in law enforcement and providing security for our cities.

We Are Humbled To Have Talented And Patience Teachers In Our Education System

Many Chinese descendants are contributing to the public schools such as in the cafeteria, custodian services, teaching, counseling, and on the school board level.

We Are Relived The Elders Of The Community Are Taken Care Of

The Chinese keep a strong tradition of respecting their elders. We treat elders of the community like our own parents, and it is our responsibility to take care of them

We Cultivate Interests For Youths And Encourage Young Adults Of Chinese Decendents To Run For Government Offices

There are always ways to make difference for a lot of people in our community and one of the ways is through our government offices. We facilitate events where we can meet and support current offices, and fulfill if there’s a vacancy.

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