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Chinese Population Is Spreaded Scatteredly Throughout Florida 

According to the data on USA.com, 25 cities in Florida have 1-4% Chinese population, and 650 other cities have less than 1%. 

The motivations for the Chinese to come to the United States are similar to those of most immigrants from other countries. Some came to seek better economic opportunities, some were compelled to leave China as refugees or contracted laborers, some come to meet their relatives and friends and some admire the culture where the United States is the melting pot for people from all over the world.

Contribute To Economy

Chinese families value education and they pay a significant sum for private and higher education, as well as buy or rent houses in areas where district schools rank high.

Create Multicultural Family

Love and mutual understanding, mutual support bring culturally and linguistically diverse people together. 

Building Lasting Friendships

Chinese kids grow up together with their neighbors, some become best friends from daycare, K-12 schools, summer camps, and different social activities.

Dedicated To Quality Food Service

Their love for food preparation and hospitality to serve their guests makes perfect sense to work in the foodservice industry.  

Contribute To Education

By working daily to educate America’s youths, Chinese teachers are like all other teachers, they ensure their students receive a quality education that prepares them for the future.

Help The Community

At hurricane debris pick up, public food distributions, beach clean up, school field trips, and many events, the Chinese donate their time, labor, and assets.

They Are Part Of The Medical Team

Many Chinese work in respected professions, such as in the medical field to provide comfort to their clients. 

They Are Part Of The Sports Team

Chinese love soccer, and many types of sports. Many sports have international rules so even if there’s a language barrier people still bind during recreational and competitive sports.

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The Chinese immigrants brought with them their language, culture, social institutions, and customs. Over time, they became an integral part of U.S. population and made lasting contributions to their adopted country.

As the immigrants have access to both traditional and popular cultures, the new Chinese Americans are fast to adapt. The Chinese American has influence in politics, culture, science, and more, as to how it might be in their native country.


Chinese In Florida Are Working In Many Fields Serving American And Chinese Customers

If you are looking to join a group of Chinese people who are originally from a certain town or city in China, to participate as a spectator or performer at a cultural event, to get connections to a job, or even possibly for love and marriage, to place your children in school, to rent or purchase a residence, to open a business, or to get driver’s licenses and buy a car, we are willing to refer you to anyone who could help in the community. 

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Supporting The U.S. Economy From Basics To Luxury Necessities:

Transportation, Clothing, Food, & Residence

Whether you are new to Florida or have been a long-time resident, a consumer, or a provider, we will be glad to share any contacts we may have when you need to find connections to fulfill your needs.

Connection For Transportation Needs

  • Vehicle purchase or lease
  • Short-term rentals
  • Hired rides
  • Long-distance rides

Connection For Clothing Needs

  • Luxury brands & boutique shops
  • Malls & outlets, department stores
  • Special events
  • Special promotions

Connection For Dining Experience Needs

  • Specialty cuisines
  • Local experience
  • Food Festivals
  • Special occasions

Connection For Housing Needs

  • Primary or vacation homes
  • Short or long term rental
  • Investment properties
  • Upsizing, downsizing

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