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Making America a Great Place For Chinese Residents

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Our Head Organization

American Chinese United Association promotes America’s diverse cultural heritage by collecting, preserving, and sharing American Chinese history, culture, and art.

The American Chinese Museum serves as a center for research and learning and inspires and connects audiences with American Chinese experiences.

  • Chinese American: Inclusion / Exclusion
  • Friendly Interactions Between U.S. & China
  • Outstanding Chinese Americans
  • History of Chinese Food in America Exhibition
  • “Fujian Fish Ball” Exhibition
  • History of Chinese Immigration to America

We promote mutual understanding, mutual respect, and mutual learning between people of all backgrounds.

ACUA Florida Chapter

At our inauguration ceremony on April 9th, 2022, in Sunrise (North of Miami), Florida, over 160 honored attendees came to show their support of our mission. They are government officials, community leaders, business owners, high school and college students, dignitaries from various organizations, and our own sponsors and council members.

The event was memorable as we offered the audience a lion dance performance, festive Chinese dishes, and programs by our talented presenters; introduced the appointed leaders, council members as well as guest speakers; engaged in meaningful conversations with each other. Everyone had the opportunity to learn more about our culture, share ideas, experiences, and passions to engage with us more in the future.

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The News About The Establishment Of ACUA Florida Chapter Was Published On Over 30 Local And Overseas News Channels. The Energy From The Excitement Is What’s Driving Us To Do Our Best For Our Community

What We Do

Cultural Unity

We promote mutual understanding, mutual respect, and mutual learning between people of all backgrounds.

Social Responsibility

We raise awareness of the ethnic survival crisis and establish a platform to share the common good.

Guidance & Support

We build connections with the local government and explore policies, regulations, and resources, to help the minority Chinese Americans with rights and benefits.

Public Service

We are nonpartisan and will support any Chinese American who wishes to make a difference for their community through any public service position.

With Your Help, We Are Making America A Great Place For Chinese Residents

We provide the attention, time, and efforts to bring awareness to those whom the relevant information matter to them, then continue to assist and support as feasible.

We appreciate your help in any way possible. 

Some Ways To Help:

1. Connect us for cultural exchange events.

2. Let us know about things that may significantly affect the well-being of the community.

3. Offer your professional expertise and services. (We will help connect with translators if needed.)

4. Support businesses (Chinese-owned or Chinese workers hired), that provide high-quality products and services.

5. Donate your time, material, or cash.

6. Make your vote count for our leadership.

Our Mission & Approach

American Chinese United Association, Florida Chapter, is a non-profit organization that serves overseas Chinese in Florida. Our purpose is to bring together the strength of Chinese Americans, raise awareness of existing crises, establish common interests for the Chinese community, wholeheartedly support Chinese involvement in political offices, integrate into mainstream society, strive for the development of the Chinese community, and realize the American dream!

Meet Our Team

Qi Chun Lin


Mr. Lin loves public services and had volunteered in several political campaigns. He personally delivers supplies to Chinese restaurants, Chinese communities, and Chinese churches all over South Florida daily. His efforts to ensure the suppliers have consistent clients and end-users have suitable products are what makes him the go-to person when someone seeks a recommendation for something.

Kenny Tang


Mr. Tang oversees the North American Economic Herald, Greater Miami Asian Business Coalition, TK Fine Oriental Foods Catering, and ACUA FL. All of his involvements focus on connecting Chinese and Americans so they can learn about each other, develop business relationships and support each other. Mr. Tang attends many local cultural events and speaks about the different ways people can work together.

Jan Zuo


Ms. Jan manages North America Economic Herald and publishes many articles and events the American Chinese population is interested in. She works with the Chinese language department at Greater Miami Asian Business Coalition. She is a realtor as well. Ms. Jan coordinates ACUA FL events, assigns responsibilities for each team members, and helps to find answers or matches service providers for people who inquire through ACUA.  

Celine Fang

Assistant Secretary

Ms. Fang came to the U.S. with her family when she was 13. She remembers the challenges of adjusting as a new immigrant but is now accustomed to working with mainly U.S. clients for many years since she is involved in small business development and marketing. She is resourceful and many of her local Chinese friends ask her for advice about how to handle different things. She is glad to find ACUA FL as an organization that connects resources for mutual benefits. 

Lily Tang

Council Member

Renowned writer and publisher of many Chinese novels, editor for North America Economic Herald, and advisory member for several writer’s guilds, Lily is helping us in writing or editing our messages in Chinese to make sure the audience read pleasantly. Lily worked as an accountant in China, living in Florida, she teaches Tai-Chi classes, art, and Chinese paper-cutting at summer camps, and hosts city and state tours for Chinese visitors. She manages a number of social media groups for the Chinese community as well. 

Dr. Ming Fang

Council Member

Dr. Fang is an Associate Teaching Professor in the English Department of Florida International University. She is also the Multilingual Writing Specialist in the Writing and Rhetoric Program, and the Associate Director of the university’s Writing Across the Curriculum program under the Provost’s Office. In addition to her daily teaching and administrative responsibilities, she also mentors many high school English teachers in the dual enrollment program and provides oversight of the university’s collaborative offshore program in China. Dr. Fang helps us review English publications.

Sunny Zhang

Council Member

Sunny has worked in Chinese Media as a reporter and hostress, taught at universities, and personally invested in and mentored a number of start-up ventures, is the president of a networking organization for Chinese from northern-east China, and has helped connect a number of Chinese companies for their US business developments. She is energetic, motivated, and influences people around her with a bright attitude. She helps ACUA FL to source opportunities for public services.

Chole Chen

Council Member

Chole speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, and English. She lived in China, studied and worked for Japanese companies and now lives in Fort Lauderdale. She is now a realtor, loan officer, and notary public. Chole is experienced in interacting with people with different desires. She knows the limitations and options of a transaction (managing expectations.) Parents, students, and council members see her fit as the youth leader for ACUA FL.


Council Member

Working in the education field, Elaine strives for a balance between what the students are exposed to and what they should be focused on learning. Elaine keeps her eyes on the end results years beyond what happens today. Her ethics remind us to stay focused. When she is not at work, she volunteers in The Caring Community, and Food Bank Garden, and helps with tax preparation for seniors and low-income families.

Linda Gan

Council Member

Having worked in IT, Ms. Gan gives guidance and assistance on certain operating details of computers and software. She has deep faith in God and great love for humanity. She is passionate about education and wholeheartedly supports events that bring out the best in the people. Ms. Gan loves team-building events and she offers lots of ideas to incorporate recreational sports, trivia games, and other fun activities into our gatherings and meetings.

Jenny Huang

Council Member

Jenny is a long-time resident of South Florida and has seen the development of the neighborhoods and cities. She knows there are opportunities and if people are willing to work with integrity they will succeed. She has many close friends who are one way or another connected to ACUA FL and she reminds us that we need to support each other and work together to achieve the bigger goal.  

Zhiqing Chen

Council Member

Ms. Chen is an active member of the community, she is involved with several organizations that connect people who are originally from the same towns and now reside in Florida. She participates in different community events and brings her experience here to help us host events successfully. She is a realtor as well as an agent for New York Life Insurance, she is a good gardener and loves to write short poems.

Xin Yu

Council Member

Like many of us, Xin Yu is a long-time resident too, and has a fair share of struggles and success in things she does. She is currently an agent for life insurance and she contributes her business or organizational ideas to the council whenever applicable. She makes herself available when tasks need to be taken care of and does not hesitate to volunteer her time and efforts.

Sally Moh

Council Member

Friends honor Sally as the “Happy Treat” as she has the demeanor and attitude to make everyone around her light-hearted and happy. This title is rightfully hers because she ran a chocolate business for years and who can’t say chocolate makes them happy? Sally loves the diverse culture in Florida and takes groups of friends to travel around to eat and play and experience all the fun stuff. She is excited that ACUA FL helps to connect people together to experience diversity and unity.     


Council Member

Penny has been in Florida long enough to be very involved with working with local clients for her digital design and marketing job, yet she is still very familiar with how people do business in her home country. She is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin Chinese and is a good presenter for the products and services she speaks for. She supports us with her skills, attends events, and other clerical work.

Kevin Wang

Council Member

Mr. Wang is the principal at The Contemporary Chinese School Of South Florida in Broward County. He is experienced in education, public presentations, hosting cultural awareness events, and an array of projects that involve people who are interested in collaborating with Chinese and non-Chinese natives. He offers support, advice, time, and efforts to ACUA FL projects. 


Council Member

Tina is involved in commercial and residential real estate, property management, and financing. She is passionate about helping her clients find the best match for their real estate needs, as well as helping the immigrant buyers and renters understand contracts and obligations. She also contributes her knowledge and resources to support the ACUA FL missions and events.


Council Member

Mandy helped us successfully start the first inauguration ceremony with her beautiful voice and lead over 160 attendees to sing the U.S. National Anthem. She is from Hong Kong and has practiced singing professionally for years. She loves to bring beautiful music to people’s lives. Mandy is also a realtor, and she kindy arranges her schedule to accommodate when we need her for anything. 

Amy Chung

Council Member

Amy has worked with our Chairman Mr. Tang a long time ago on another business venture and has always admired his entrepreneurial spirit and how he cares for his clients and workers. When she found out he is now involved with ACUA FL she was just ready to help in any way possible. Amy was a Ping Pong athlete from her hometown and has won several matches in Florida. As of now, she is a life insurance agent.

Qing Li

Council Member

Mr. Li is leading the youth and young adults through ACUA FL to work on their channels for various sustainable projects. The objective is to help them gain experience between being independent and interdependent with the community we are in. Mr. Li is personally involved in digital marketing, social media management, and the like. He is just a few years advanced in age compare to the young adult group and he is humble learn from those who have a few more years of live experience.

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