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The ACUA is non-profit and non-political organization nationwide. The Chinese living in America brought along with them their rich history, wisdom, ethics, and skills when they traveled to this country.
Our goal is to pass on the knowledge, connections, and resources from our previous generations to the second generation Asian-Americans. We wish to do so in hopes that they might avoid the trials and tribulations that were common for those who came before them.
If you are currently in high school and/or college, and you are passionate about being involved with the political or economical industry then we have a place for you. The ACUA youth club is here to help!
We want to develop a platform to offer a youth initiative that not only teaches, but supports them in their future careers. By having the youth group work hand in hand and out reaching with the Asian/Minority community, they then will gain the insight and opportunity to work closely with local government and businesses.
Our upcoming meet-n-greet will be hosted by Representative Robin Bartleman alongside with local city/county government officials. Details will be announced shortly.
For those who are not part of the high school or collegiate community, there is also a group for you! This overall ACUA Group has a home for you too!