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On June 15, 2022, Kenny Tang and his team met with Florida State Representative Robin Bartleman to discuss generating opportunities and creating new avenues for the young second generation of Asian-Americans.

Kenny Tang was very passionate about establishing a relationship with Representative Bartleman and any other local political figurehead. He expressed great enthusiasm towards furthering the impact of the youth of today.

Kenny Tang led with, “our mission is to develop a platform to offer a youth initiative for the Asian community that not only teaches but supports them in their careers”. His entire agenda is to pass on the knowledge, connections, and resources from previous generations to avoid the pitfalls that were common to the generations that preceded them. 


Representative Bartleman shared the ACUA’s sentiments. Additionally, she expressed the importance of social issues and the impact that the youth can have on them both politically and environmentally.

The two came to the consensus to establish future reoccurring events to allow the youth to network with local policital figureheads, small business owners, and those who can help further any desire for those who wish to create their own start-ups and further their careers in the business aspect.

Together they discussed many opportunities for internships, civic engagements, and awards that are related to the two topics.

The meeting eneded with great promise for the future of today, the youth.

Stay tuned for future developments in the subject.