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The Chinese living in America have brought along with them their rich history, wisdom, ethics, skills, intellectual & various assets to share with everyone living on the same land. Yet some of these resources may be underutilized due to barriers in communication or connections. We built the platform to share the common good and facilitate active participation in public service, to serve all residents.

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People Benefited

About Our Foundation

Cultural Unity

We promote mutual understanding, mutual respect, and mutual learning between people of all backgrounds.

Social Responsibility

We raise awareness of the ethnic survival crisis and establish a platform to share the common good.

Guidance & Support

We build connections with the local government and explore policies, regulations, and resources, to help the minority Chinese Americans with rights and benefits.

Public Service

We are nonpartisan and will support any Chinese American who wishes to make a difference for their community through any public service position.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

American Chinese United Association, Florida Chapter, is a non-profit organization that serves overseas Chinese in Florida.

  • Members should promote friendship between Chinese Americans and other American ethnics groups, and contribute to the harmony and healthy development of our community and our society.
  • Any members who violate American law or any position holders who severely affect the reputation of the organization, or negatively influence society will be expelled from the organization.

Our purpose is to bring together the strength of Chinese Americans, raise awareness of existing crises, establish common interests for the Chinese community, wholeheartedly support Chinese involvement in political offices, integrate into mainstream society, strive for the development of the Chinese community, and realize the American dream!

Our Top Priorities

To bring out the best in any Chinese person residing in Florida through various kinds of support, and create a platform where they can contribute to the common good of the society.


To help individuals, families, and businesses locate resources for coping and getting back to some normalcy.

Cultural Awareness

Share our history. Cater to events that enable opportunities for the audience to learn about Chinese heritage.

Chinese In Florida

Chinese makes an integral part of Florida’s lifestyle. We appreciate those active contributors and help new residents start to engage fast locally.

Educational opportunities

Present avenues for those who wish to excel in Chinese literature, and for Chinese to get more U.S. education.

Support Public Services

Support any American Chinese who wish to be (or are currently) involved in public services, and help them make great impacts on our community.

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